• Film

    Creativity is mastery of simplicity

    No matter how many times your amazing, absolutely brilliant work is rejected by the client, for whatever dopey, arbitrary reason, there is often another amazing, absolutely brilliant solution possible.

    • Promotional

      1 Minute promotional stings to full length features.

    • Rebrand

      Take your image to a new height.

    • Add that someting

      Unforgettable feelings through a quality media production.

    • Independence

      Give your piece a touch of cinematography.

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We dont only just fly drones, its just part of our DNA

  • We create emotions, not just videos.

    Vertical Crew

    Creative Director, Stewart Tyrrell


Don't risk the reputation of your business and use a non-certified UAV operator.

  • Why Vertical Imaging

    - Specialist CASA accredited UAV pilots

    - Experienced team of award winning photographers, videographers, technical advisors and ground crew

    - Investment in each client and offering an approach that’s interpersonal, tailored and focused on building long term relationships

    - Leading edge, all-in-one drone technology with flying and camera stabilisation systems

  • What we can do for you

    - Up to 4k stunning video

    - Fast moving scenes

    - Tight aerial shots

    - Create that wow moment

    - Aerial video

    - Cinematic grade

    - Dramatic scenes

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  • We are confident you will love our work.

    Our imagery creates a WOW factor, and has endless applications across diverse industries, from real estate to surveys to sporting events.Vertical Imaging is not just about aerial photography – we do films, advertising, corporate videos, promotion reels and still shots. We also take care of everything. Importantly, you’re in safe hands.

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