Introduction to drones.

  • What has changed

    Effective 29 September 2016, the new category of excluded RPA came into effect, with reduced regulatory requirements to fly very small RPAs commercially. Operations under 2kg (excluded) will not need an RPA operator's certificate (ReOC), or a remote pilot licence (RePL). We have designed this course specifically to guide you for a safer and enjoyable experience and to keep the skies safe.

    Learn from dedicated specialists

    - Jason Tann, Founder of Vertical Imaging and Stewart Tyrrell, University lecturer in film and tv.

  • Course details

    • How drones work

    • Reducing risk

    • The rules of using the RPA - more than the standard " Safe to fly” brochurePre and post checklists

    • Basic map reading

    • What equipment is needed aside from the RPAS

    • Battery info

    • The capabilities of your system – a ‘walk-through”

    • Checklist for pre and post flight

    • “Hands on” session (practical flying/safe flying)

    • Training on Camera definitions and basic photography tuition

    • Tips from an experienced user


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  • What do you get when you complete the course?

    The course is designed for anyone wanting to know more around operating drones, whether it’s for fun or to start a new career. The industry is consistently growing, with more applications for UAV's every day. At the end of our course " Introduction to drones" you will be equipped with the knowledge and the fundamentals to operate safely in the air and on the ground. You will receive a certificate of competency from Vertical Imaging (Please note that this is a non-certified course and it is only an informative session around drones and photography, full RePL course will be available towards the end of the 2017).

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