Don't risk the reputation of your business and use a non-certified UAV operator.

  • Why Vertical Imaging

    - Specialist CASA accredited UAV pilots

    - Experienced team of award winning photographers, videographers, technical advisors and ground crew

    - Investment in each client and offering an approach that’s interpersonal, tailored and focused on building long term relationships

    - Leading edge, all-in-one drone technology with flying and camera stabilisation systems

    - Strict adherence to safety procedures and regulations

    – All equipment has inbuilt failsafe functionality

    - Seamless, end to end project management and high level of customer service, with fast turn arounds

    - Professional, high end results at a surprisingly affordable rate

  • Informative links

    Safe to fly maps Brisbane

    - Blue shaded areas indicate no fly zones

    Safe to fly maps Gold Coast

    - Blue shaded areas indicate no fly zones

    Other State maps can be found here

    - These are only reference maps, please consult with us to ensure the area is safe to fly, or seek advice from CASA (Locations marked with a circled H, indicates landing sites and must be treated as a no fly zone, see CASA for more details around this.)

    Air Services Australia


    How air space is managed

  • We are confident you’ll love our professionalism, attention to detail and responsive, reliable service.

    We use the world’s leading brand of drone technology, to capture incredible images and videos. Our clients benefit from fast deployment and safe and effective image/video capture – all at a fraction of the cost of photography taken from traditional aerial platforms. Our imagery creates a WOW factor, and has endless applications across diverse industries, from real estate to surveys to sporting events. Vertical Imaging is not just about aerial photography – we do films, advertising, corporate videos, promotion reels and still shots. We also take care of everything. Importantly, you’re in safe hands.

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