Drone/UAS Services

We use cutting edge technology to give your client or business to stand out from the crowd, step into a VERTICAL space.

  • Construction

    Site progress, Time lapse, Surveying, we can do it all from above.

  • Inspections

    Inspect your asset from the safety of your office or ground. Dont put your people at risk.

  • Real Estate

    Give prospective buyers a 3D virtual tour, with an immersive, internal/external video and photography and floor plans of their dream property.

  • Commercial

    International or loacl interest? Give them everything they need to make a decsion with out even stepping foot on the property.

  • Surveying

    Wether its an large development site, Golf course, or Rual property, let us collect precise data in high resolution photo/video.

  • Agriculture

    Wether its maximizing crop performance, optimizing asset monitoring, and manage your crops more efficiently, we have the tools to do it utilizing datamapper technology.

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